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3 ways to prevent your estate from going to probate

Planning for the future is an important but stressful endeavor. You want to be sure that your loved ones are cared for, but nobody wants to think about what will happen after they pass. Perhaps this is why, according to AARP, only 40 percent of American adults have started estate planning. If you do not plan your estate, though, your family will likely have to go through probate court, which can be difficult.

How everyone benefits from estate planning

Arizona residents who don't have a spouse or kids may believe that they don't need a will. In fact, a survey found that 78 percent of millennials don't have one. In addition to a will, a medical directive and power of attorney may also be worth having. A power of attorney allows another person to make financial and other decisions on an estate owner's behalf when he or she isn't able to. The medical directive enables a designated person to determine how an individual is treated while mentally incapacitated.

Prince, Aretha Franklin left many estate-related questions

Music fans in Arizona may have been saddened by the passing of Aretha Franklin. For her family, however, mourning may lead into what could be a big legal battle over her estate. Franklin died without a will, according to one of her lawyers.

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